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Linda Temple

Does anyone have the exact quote by Dorothy... to the effect of "We are not called upon to be successful; we are only called upon to be faithful"?

Thanks, Linda


i think dorothy day is the best person everrrrrrr....i love herr <333333


I beleive that dorothy day is very insperational woman, not many can do what she did and I love her for that!

maureen martin


Actually, the quote you mention above is attributed to Mother Teresa.

God bless, Maureen Martin

someone who cares

Dorothy is an amazing person!!!

She is an excellent example of what God would want!

Someone who Cares


Thanks for your site on Dorothy Day. I have a post coming up on her later in the month and I'll put a link to your blogsite in with that post.

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She will serve as an inspiration to all of us.


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