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  • Friday, March 4th: LYCEE GROUP soiree
  • Bowling
  • LaserQuest
  • 24-hour Famine
  • Ropes Course
  • LYCEE Group: Taize Trip, I hope!

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i know about donkeys not cows!!!!!!!!!!!!!


well, then, it's about time to expand your horizons! it's been years that you've had a donkey - don't you think it's time to move onto a cow? we can adopt a cow and it will help entire villages with millk, cowpower (they're quite strong), and whatever else cows do...


yep, u r probably right lol


I don't know anything about cows !!
When do you think we'll be going back to the Cozy?


Yeah, quite right, we should go to cafe cozy more often (mmmh coffey...) also, i think fiona's donkey would be great company for a cow so we should all encourage her to go in that direction.

what's wrong with the name youth group?? do *you* have any better suggestions mitch??


just one question: What does a cow and a ferret with bunny ears gota do it?


great! ropescourse! finally get to go! but at what time is it?and where do we meet?


Whats Mitch Number and When is the rope course (what hour)?

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